Optimized & industry-ready SolutionS

For all your complicated needs

We build products that fulfill your needs. We are Providing Solutions for Automation for various clients, We have one of the best team in analog and Software field.

We have one of the best testing mechanisms for our products so they an withstand in outer sturdy environment


Industry Focused Products!

Industrial Timers

We have Developed Industrial Timer,  in which we can Set Time for operate Output,

which Parameter can set from PC, have option as active high, active low…

Can customize with new requirements..


Signature Display

This is Outdoor Led Display to show massages in various fonts and colors, this We have used for Indian Railway also.

Multi Channel Real Time Graph

We have Successfully tested 8 Channel real time graph, and used by many Medical colleges for there analysis.

We are storing run-time data and can re-plot or attache as report.

Industrial Vibrator

We have newly Developed Electromagnetic Vibrator  for Food industries this is and option for Conveyor to pass object without moving Part.

Need help with easier industrial solutions? We are experts!